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PinStripes Studios @ Society6

We just overhauled our S6 store! The TOP BRASS trio have been updated, the EMA trio uploaded, and a couple more prints are soon to be added as well!

Note about the Attack on Titan stuff: There’s two listings for each character. The WHITE version has the clothing options. The CLOUD version holds the laptop/tablet options.

If anyone has any questions, or would like to see a specific product added, let us know!


There’s gonna be a full promo post eventually for our Society6 store and I still have to create listings for the EMA set and the other new prints, but the listings for the Top Brass trio are done so here’s a teaser. @3@;;

Each of the circle prints will have two listings, one for the cloud background and one without. The one without the clouds have shirts! The one with the clouds has laptop/tablet skins!

We’ve started updating our neglected S6 store! Here’s some expanded SNK stuff of Hanji, Erwin, and Levi. Next up, the EMA trio and other new art.

Geek Kon Commission Pick-Up

Someone ordered a commission from us and didn’t pick it up. Please send us a message so we can talk about mailing it to you. Thanks!

Geek Kon Cosplay Photo Batch: Shingeki no Kyojin Edition! Send a message/tag so we can give credit!

  1. Hanji
  2. Lolita Uniform
  3. Levi
  4. Annie
  5. Erwin, Erwin and Levi, hipster!Erwin and hipster!Levi [ hijikatamamoru and scoobert0 ]
  6. Mikasa
  7. Erwin 

Geek Kon Photo Batch #3, Commission Edition (Plus a Brittany)! The commissions shown are from Jess and the first two were cosplay portraits.

Brittany is modeling a mask from Feral Works, who was our table neighbor. :D Her stuff is WICKED AWESOME, check her out!

Geek Kon Cosplay Photo Batch #2! Please send us a message or reblog/tag with you if you’re here, and we’ll credit you!

  1. Toothless cosplay, same cosplay with two different models [ supahjewelz ]
  2. Dragonball Z
  3. Outlaw Star
  4. Final Fantasy X
  5. Original?
  6. Naruto
  7. Monster Hunter

Geek Kon photo batch #1! Please send us a message or reblog with a message if you’re in here, and we’ll tag appropriately!

  1. Team Fortress
  2. Kuragehime
  3. The Fifth Element
  4. How to Train Your Dragon
  5. Skyrim
  6. Dragon-headed guy
  7. Captain America, Harlequin, Wonderwoman
  8. Kingdom Hearts
  9. Hetalia

Farewell, Geek Kon, and See You Later, Friends!

We’re home safe and sound and we hope everyone else is, too. Thanks for the great time! We hope we can make it to next year’s!

Photos will be up soon. As always, send a message if you spot yourself and we’ll add credit!


We’re all set up…but still have two hours until the alley opens. xD We’re so on top of things this time it’s crazy.

Table #27, we sell prints, handmade books, and on site copic marker commissions!!

Haha wrong blog but close enough lol