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Hey hey Julystorm. This is my thank you for reading my fic. Navy 1780 Levi. Took some liberty with the outfit. (Also liberty looks like it is spelled wrong).


I think I am done. I am never sure but when the paper starts to reject more watercolour better call it quit.

Also I have yet to ever go fishing.
#fishing #rainyday #dailyart #dailyanimeart #onedayiwillgofishingforreal

I have a much better phone, though I still need internet and Photoshop to be as active and pretty as Jess. I will be doing my best to be more active and show things I am working on.

I am making a series of pieces that go with the logic of childhood. This piece is about fishing in puddles after the rain comes. I thought that was how one could fish when they were a child. If you have childhood logic that is funny and cute send me a message.


Hey guys, I’m updating my commissions post! My job situation has balanced out a bit, but I’m still not making quite enough to be secure. On top of that, I priced myself a bit too low last time out of panic and desperation, so I’ve given myself more credit here and also simplified my range of stuff because I’ve consolidated my style a bit better. :)

Ok, so the prices above for the bases (bust, waist-up, full-body) are shown above. Backgrounds and “scenes” like the Levihan one in the coffee shop will have to be negotiated first for a price estimate. The background for the coffee shop didn’t take as long as the background for Marco’s, for example. Also, the Allowance poster is a bit of a special monster since it has 2 full-bodies, a buncha busts, and overall type/scene treatment, lol.

So basically, if you have a background/scene, I’ll give you an estimate. Simple would probably only be about $10 extra, anything more complex will be more than that.

Extra Characters:
$10 an extra character for any style, regardless of background or not. If there’s multiple people, like for a group pic, request an estimate.

Won’t Draw:
Smut/porn, naked genitalia. Offensive signs/symbols/gestures/words.

Will Draw:
Pretty much anything and everything not on the other list. Mecha? Go for it. Guns? Yeah. Furries? Sure thing, dude. Homestuck? Just tell me what blood color n stuff ‘cuz I don’t know diddly squat about it but I will draw it. Levi in stockings? Mmmhmmmmmmm.

Ordering Process:
TUMBLR’S MESSAGING SYSTEM STINKS LIKE ROTTEN SALAMI. I recommend you email me at glitchikinns@gmail.com. Fire it off to me, I’ll get you an estimate. I require payment up front.If the order happens to go over $50 though, I will only require a half payment, and will take the rest at the end. Paypal only!

I’m a very communicative artist. I will have no problem sending you sketches and other WIP shots along the way and will probably do so even if you don’t ask, because hey, you are paying me so I want to do a good job. :) I am also open to livestreams so you can watch!

Final Product:
Your commission will be in 11in x 17in format by default, but if you request it or your commission will look better in it, 8.5in x 11in format can be arranged, too. You’ll receive a CMYK format pdf for physical printing, a full-sized jpg file in RGB, and a web-friendly png file for online sharing.

If you so desire, with the addition of shipping costs, I can mail you the commission printed on cardstock.

I retain the right to display and share the commission anywhere and to anyone unless otherwise requested by the commissioner, but I will not make any money directly off of the commission after the commission’s order process is complete, unless it is from the original commissioner or I have permission to do. The commissioner will be able to use the commission for personal use only. They will be able to share it and use it for personal use as they please, but cannot make any money directly from the commission.

Jess has updated her commission post!

PinStripes Studios @ Society6

We just overhauled our S6 store! The TOP BRASS trio have been updated, the EMA trio uploaded, and a couple more prints are soon to be added as well!

Note about the Attack on Titan stuff: There’s two listings for each character. The WHITE version has the clothing options. The CLOUD version holds the laptop/tablet options.

If anyone has any questions, or would like to see a specific product added, let us know!


There’s gonna be a full promo post eventually for our Society6 store and I still have to create listings for the EMA set and the other new prints, but the listings for the Top Brass trio are done so here’s a teaser. @3@;;

Each of the circle prints will have two listings, one for the cloud background and one without. The one without the clouds have shirts! The one with the clouds has laptop/tablet skins!

We’ve started updating our neglected S6 store! Here’s some expanded SNK stuff of Hanji, Erwin, and Levi. Next up, the EMA trio and other new art.

Geek Kon Commission Pick-Up

Someone ordered a commission from us and didn’t pick it up. Please send us a message so we can talk about mailing it to you. Thanks!

Geek Kon Cosplay Photo Batch: Shingeki no Kyojin Edition! Send a message/tag so we can give credit!

  1. Hanji
  2. Lolita Uniform
  3. Levi
  4. Annie
  5. Erwin, Erwin and Levi, hipster!Erwin and hipster!Levi [ hijikatamamoru and scoobert0 ]
  6. Mikasa
  7. Erwin 

Geek Kon Photo Batch #3, Commission Edition (Plus a Brittany)! The commissions shown are from Jess and the first two were cosplay portraits.

Brittany is modeling a mask from Feral Works, who was our table neighbor. :D Her stuff is WICKED AWESOME, check her out!

Geek Kon Cosplay Photo Batch #2! Please send us a message or reblog/tag with you if you’re here, and we’ll credit you!

  1. Toothless cosplay, same cosplay with two different models [ supahjewelz ]
  2. Dragonball Z
  3. Outlaw Star
  4. Final Fantasy X
  5. Original?
  6. Naruto
  7. Monster Hunter